UFC & MMA Betting Sites

In Australia, any form of contact sport is popular with online punters. Whether it is rugby, boxing or American Football, the sheer power and raw energy of these sports makes it ideal for betting. Of all the contact sports, MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is perhaps the most exciting. In MMA, fighters can use any combination of martial art techniques to defeat their opponent. In Australia, MMA betting and UFC betting has risen to become one of the fastest growing betting markets in the country. We take a look at how to go about betting on UFC fights and where to bet online.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship

When it comes to betting, all local MMA bets take place on UFC fights. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the world’s largest MMA promotion company, organising up to 40 fights a year in the US and abroad. UFC online betting provides punters with excellent betting opportunities with multiple bets on each fight.

The UFC was established in 1993 and is responsible for setting up the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The UFC split their fighters into 10 weight divisions with each fight judged by a panel of specialised judges looking for number of hits and regulation holds.

Understanding MMA Betting Odds

If you want get into UFC betting, the first step is to understand the basic rules. In MMA, a fight can be won in one of three ways. The first is with a knockout, the second is with a submission and the third is via judge’s decision. A knockout works the same way as boxing while a submission is where a fighter uses a grappling technique to force his opponent to submit. If the fight does not have a knockout or a submission, it will go to the judges to decide the winner.

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Types of MMA Bets

Like most sports betting, MMA betting can be extremely simple with additional option of placing prop bets. For novice punters, the easiest way to get started is to place a simple win/lose moneyline bet. This simply involves choosing the winner of the fight. With moneyline bets, online bookmakers will set MMA betting odds and UFC betting odds according to the fighters ranking. Prop bets in MMA can include anything from picking the method of winning to choosing which fighter will get the first hit to accurately predicting in which round the fight will end.

Where to Bet online

As with any sport, the more you know about MMA and the UFC, the greater your chances of placing a winning bet. Before you commit to a large bet, it is best to do as much research on the fighters and trainers as possible. With any UFC fight, there a number of factors that can influence the outcome. These include where the fight is held, the fitness levels of the fighters, changes to training staff and of course previous matchups.

If you are looking for the best UFC bets or you want to know where to find Australian MMA betting sites, you have come to the right place. We have created a list of the country’s best online betting sites for your convenience. Choose from any of the sites featured here to get started MMA betting and winning online today.