Best Cycling Betting Online

Watching the supremely conditioned cyclists battle it out, clearly giving their very last reserves of energy in a draining charge up an unclassified climb in the French Alps during the iconic Tour De France is an awe-inspiring experience. Imagine the additional tension and heart-racing excitement that this same scene would engender if you actually had money wagered on the outcome of this desperate climb!

Australia has a deep-seated and affectionate relationship with gambling, and proportionately has one of the highest gambling rates in the world. This, coupled with the Australian love of sports, has led to the phenomenon that is online sports betting; the opportunity to use your love, knowledge and dedication to a sport to make astute wagers on that sport and turn the knowledge into rewarding and lucrative financial gains.

Thanks to technology of today everyone is connected, and with this comes the opportunity to experience cycling betting and wager money on any, and all, cycling sporting events around the world with the greatest of ease. So, if you are one of the millions of cycling aficionados in Australia, spending every available moment glued to the TV during the Tour De France, Giro De Italia or the Tour of California, then perhaps it is time to consider making real money from your hobby and a great way to start is to test out some free sports betting.

Cycling is a traditional and extremely popular endurance sport. Cyclists race over all kinds or terrain, both on-road and off-road, in different team formats and in a complete range of conditions. There are international and Australian cycling events happening continuously in both the road racing and off-road fields, allowing gamblers ongoing and continuous cycling betting opportunities. The sport is also an Olympic discipline, with the Olympics providing an incredible showpiece for the diversity of events and challenges available on an indoor track.

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Cycling Betting in a Connected World

The available betting diversity for punters, beginner or otherwise, is vast and includes all the various race categories; overall standings, best new rider, king of the mountains and sprint champion, amongst others. Cycling is also a respected team sport and as a result, wagers on team performance and team achievements are also available. The full range of cycling bets that are available to punters of this international sport include being able to bet on all stages of the cycling event as well as team and individual performances and time gains or losses. It is always a worthwhile comparison checking the range of available cycling bets and their odds when selecting the sports betting site to provide custom to, and even checking out a sports betting guide to help you make a decision, as the cycling bets available within the cycling betting realm are diverse and particular to each site.

Use your Knowledge and Insights in Cycling Betting

It is a keen and vigilant punter who can utilise their knowledge and the information at hand about the sport to refine and support their decisions at cycling betting, but doing so will certainly steer them safely towards financial reward. This is due largely to the information on cyclist form, conditioning and team evolution varying considerably and being in a constant state of flux.

So, Australia, the time to hop on with the peloton of cycling betting enthusiasts is now. Take the excitement of watching cycling to the next level by putting your money where your mouth is.