Online Totes Betting Australia

Australian gamblers have always been among the savviest in the world, and have embraced online sports betting with their customary enthusiasm. Remote betting allows you to wager and win whenever is most convenient for you, and now mobile devices also allow you to do this whenever is most convenient for you.

Every kind of mobile and online sports betting in Australia is growing in popularity all the time, but one of the most favoured online and offline options is still the classic horse racing. There are several ways to place bets on the performance of these magnificent steeds, and the more you play the more familiar you will become with them. One of the most important skills to develop is an understanding of the tote betting online available.

Totes are also called Pari-Mutuel or Pool Bets, and are the opposite of Fixed Bets where the odds are set at the time you place your wager. Totes are a way of betting where all the wagers placed by different punters on one race are pooled together and are then divided among the winners based on the final odds. These are determined by the size of the pool and change until the last moments of open betting, which is one of the things that makes them so exciting. If you bet in the same way as many others, you will win less than if you back a winning longshot.

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Kinds of Tote Betting Online

As you make more bets on horse races like Geelong Cup betting, you will become very practiced at knowing good and bad wagers, but to get you going here is a list of the best online totes betting:

  • The simplest bets are the Wins and Places, where you predict of a specific horse will win or will da predict the first three spots of the race.
  • For an Exacta bet you are required to name the first and second place winners in order.
  • Punters must predict the first three places in a Trifecta bet.
  • The Quad-, Place- and Jack- Pot bets are all very popular and considered some of the best tote betting online. In the first, you must select horses to place in the third to sixth races of the day, in the second you must do the same but for the first six races of a given day and for the Jackpot you must correctly name the winners of the first six races. These wagers are very challenging but they can be just as rewarding.
  • A Scoop 6 is an exotic variation of the Placepot and Jackpot. You need to name the winner in six of the day’s races. These can be any that are run on the day, and the six events that are on the Scoop 6 card are usually very difficult to predict. If you make one mistake you will lose everything, so this bet is the definition of high risk, high reward.
  • The Swinger is the most exotic Tote bet of all. You must name two horses that you believe will place somewhere in the top three positions of a race. If both do, you win and will earn a payout that is based on the winning steeds’ exact placement. To trigger the payouts, one horse usually has to place in first position.

Refine your Skill as Much as Possible

The more you research wager and win, the sooner you will discover your own playing style and find the best tote betting online for your style. As with so many things in life, with horse race betting practice makes perfect.